Chapter 3: How do I start wearing a chastity belt?

In the previous chapter, we looked at how to choose a chastity belt, but there a few more steps to consider before you can be locked in steel. If you've opted for a custom-made belt, the manufacturer will need your measurements in advance of you seeing any metal, but even a mass-produced belt can't be worn straight out of the box, having to be sized to fit you first. Like a new pair of shoes, you'll then need to break it in, with both the belt and your body taking time to adapt to one another. If you've never worn a chastity belt before, you'll find it a learning process, a degree of patience and perseverance required to get past the inevitable teething troubles. In this chapter, we'll consider what that involves, as well as offering some ways to solve common problems.

How do I make sure my chastity belt fits?

Chastity belts are similar to bras, in so far as you can make do with wearing one that's a bit wrong, but you wouldn't want to after discovering how they're supposed to fit! Like band and cup sizes, there's also more than one factor to consider, with the measurements around the waist and under the crotch needing to work together in a comparable way. A slight change can make a significant difference to both comfort and security, but finding the sweet spot may require some trial and error. To be more than just a pair of metal panties, a chastity belt needs to be tight - tighter than you might initially think, but not so tight as to be unwearable. The band, shield and rear should all be snug, allowing little scope for movement, not only to ensure your belt is effective, but to spare you the irritation of it rubbing against your body.

Mass-produced chastity belts

If you've opted for a mass-produced chastity belt, you have the advantage of being able to adjust it at your leisure. Moreover, if the style has a waist rather than a hip band, then you can wear that separately, enabling you to get its size right without having worry about the rest to begin with. To get an idea of how tight that should be, wrap a tailor's tape measure around your natural waistline - not necessarily where the top of a skirt would sit, but the narrowest point between your ribs and your hips. Measure twice - once with your stomach relaxed, the second time with it sucked in. Taking the average of these two measurements will give you a good place to start, it then only needing you to fasten the two halves of the waist band together to form a similar length.

If there's more than one hole in each end of the belt for locking, aim to use the middlemost to begin with. Try not to cut the lining any more than you have to at this stage, but fold it back on itself in case you decide to loosen the band later. Rather than adding the shield and rear straight away, take some time to assess your new belt for comfort. It won't be doing anything to protect your chastity, but you can nevertheless get a feel for how it moves as you sit and stand, bend and stretch. If the band slides up and down your waist, then it's too loose - remove the lining and screws, then narrow it a notch.

A similar approach can be adopted in the case of a hip style belt, albeit noting that there will be nothing to stop it moving up. In this case, position the band on the crest of your hips, considering the curve of both the steel and your body to spread the area of contact as much as possible. Take advantage of where you have more padding, so as to avoid putting pressure on your bones. Widening the belt will make it easier to conceal under clothing, as well as aiding movement, but don't make it so loose that it can slip off your hips.

For either style, the next step is to fasten the pieces of the primary shield together, omitting the secondary shield if possible so you can see where the slot sits. Depending on the design of your belt, you may be constrained by a fixed length cable, or else the crotch section being a single, continuous piece. To help position a rear hole, you can press a pencil between your buttocks - aim to have this centred, even at the cost of making things slightly off at the front. If your belt has chains, pull these taut across your cheeks before securing them with the padlocks, or to see where their D-rings need to be screwed. Again, everything should be snug, seeing your labia press through the front slot - if not, the crotch is too loose and should be tightened.

You can now replace the secondary shield and see how your chastity belt works for real! Keep the keys handy throughout, and recognise that even a correctly fitting chastity belt may feel a bit strange to begin with. While there might be some minor discomfort, there shouldn't be any pinching or pain, nor should you feel any numbness or tingling at any time - if you do, take the belt off right away. We'll discuss common problems later in this chapter, but for now, remember that you can bend the metal to make it more closely follow the curve of your body - you're not circular, nor should your belt be!

It's important to take things slowly - as exciting as being locked in a chastity belt may be, it's unrealistic to expect to find the perfect fit first time. Don't be afraid to experiment, making use of your belt's adjustability to find the way of wearing it that works best for you. It's a process that requires a degree of dedication, but it's certainly worth the trouble to get things right. Having your partner help may make that easier - indeed, leaving the metal entirely to your man to sort out can offer an exciting foretaste of what's to come!

Custom-made chastity belts

Because correct measurement is so critical for a properly fitting belt, any decent manufacturer should offer detailed instructions on how to do so, ideally prior to purchase. It goes without saying that you should follow these to the letter, clarifying any areas of confusion to ensure there can be no room for error - it is better to wait for an answer than to guess and get things wrong! Regardless of the precise procedure, having your partner measure you is preferable to trying to do so yourself, avoiding the inaccuracies that can creep in from bending your body. Indeed, you might go so far as to have him take photographs, such that you can show exactly where you were measured.

We've already mentioned how a pencil can be used to align holes, and you may also wish to use a washable pen to mark places on your skin, or sticky fashion tape if you find yourself needing another pair of hands. Many manufacturers suggest using a leather belt to serve as a mock waist or hip band, but you should take care that it doesn't move between measurements. If you're not familiar with where this should sit from having worn a mass-produced chastity belt, wear it for a while, perhaps even adding a simulated crotch shield and rear too.

Measuring only once is nowhere near enough. In the absence of alternative guidance, you should do so several times, allowing for the natural variations that occur over the course of the day. Measuring three times on three different days will give you a feel for a sensible average, as well as highlighting any variance. Repeat until you're confident you've got consistent numbers, accepting that doubts about whether you're doing things right can be a surprising source of anxiety! If you're prone to bloating at particular times of the month, you'll want to take that into account, whereas if you're in the process of losing weight, it's best to postpone measuring until you've finished.

In an ideal world, you would take up the invitation that most manufacturers offer to have your measurements taken by them, just as you would want to visit the tailor when buying a bespoke bridal gown. Depending on distance, however, that may not be practical, but it's certainly worth availing yourself of any other options intended to make measuring easier. Some manufacturers sell measuring kits, the cost of which may be at least partly refunded with the purchase of a belt, whereas some are willing to send a partly constructed belt for consideration prior to final finishing, albeit again for an additional fee. Both have the advantage of leaving you feeling less in the dark, as well as reducing the chances of your new chastity belt needing to be sent back for resizing. Nevertheless, you should factor in that possibility when budgeting, something which also makes it even more critical to have good communication with the manufacturer - you don't want to have to wait months for your belt to arrive, only to have to choose between doubling that time and trying to make do with a poor fit. Again, the advantages of a more adjustable belt can't be overstressed here, giving you more leeway if you later wish you'd used slightly different measurements.

Of course, many wearers of custom-made chastity belts are delighted with how well they fit, quite apart from how the quality of construction makes cheaper belts seem like toys in comparison. Even with a belt that's been fitted in person, however, it won't be possible to wear it full-time straight away - the metal still needs to learn the shape of your body, even as you need to adapt to the metal. That's not just physically, as much as it will take time for your body to get used to such a presence, but also means adjusting how you approach aspects of your life that you might hitherto have not given a second thought.

How do I start wearing a chastity belt?

Unless you're planning on wearing your chastity belt only briefly in the bedroom, you'll need to face the fact that you probably won't be able to stay locked in it for as long as you might like - at least, not to start with. While the idea of taking off the steel for anything other than sex may not be at the forefront of your mind as it's being fastened for the first time, your body is likely to think differently. It's ironic that a profound psychological desire to be belted is often thwarted by physical practicalities - a far cry from the stereotype of the reluctant wife having nothing but her husband's lust stopping her from languishing in her chastity belt forever. You may begin to appreciate the latter's perspective, however, should the locked metal cease being a source of excitement and start causing pain - not the fun kind that can spice things up between the sheets, but more akin to an annoying blister.

Like anything else worn so closely, a chastity belt can chafe, with even silicone-lined steel capable of rubbing the skin if you fail to heed the warning signs. Repeated pressure in the same place can also leave you sore, quite apart from any pinching. If you've ever had to endure a day in a pair of painful new heels, you'll know the pitfalls of not properly breaking them in, and the same is true with a chastity belt - more so for its unforgiving metal. It's best to think of getting used to one as a marathon rather than a sprint, therefore, such that you should stay locked for no longer than you can tolerate rather than trying to force yourself past the point of discomfort in the hope of making progress. By starting slowly and only gradually extending when and where you're belted, you reduce the risk of irritations that will require time to heal, as well as being able to find ways around the various challenges that a belt presents at your own pace. Even if you ultimately want to be locked on a long term basis, you'll get there sooner by wearing your belt for less time more often, instead of biting off more than you can chew.

Start when you have plenty of free time, perhaps for no more than an hour one evening or at the weekend, such that you can have a shower or go to bed afterwards. Don't be in too much of a rush to wear your chastity belt out and about, let alone to work, but instead build up your endurance in private. So long as you give your body sufficient rest in between and address any problems as they occur, you can slowly but surely increase how long you're able to stay belted by adopting a regular routine in which you leave your unlocking a little later each time. By progressively pushing your limits little by little, you'll soon stretch them in a way that wouldn't be possible if you tried to do the same in one giant leap. It won't be long before an hour becomes an evening, and an evening becomes every evening, allowing you to wear your belt all day at the weekend in advance of adding the night as well - that is, if that's what you want to accomplish. You'll then have enough experience to tackle greater challenges - like spending a day at work in your chastity belt, first occasionally, but then more regularly if you're so minded.

When considering what it might be like to surrender to steel, most people's thoughts turn to bodily functions and matters of personal hygiene, which we'll be discussing shortly, while disregarding the difficulties that having a inflexible framework embracing your body can add to other everyday activities. The simple act of sitting will leave you much more aware of where you rest your weight when you're confronted by a steel strip, cable or chain, such that you won't want to commit to a day at a desk or driving long distances without working up to it. Similarly, it's better not to have to run for a bus before you've become accustomed to a shield pressing between your legs, nor to find yourself suddenly stopped from bending by the uncompromising band around your waist - especially when you're also worrying about whether your chastity belt shows through your clothes. Taken individually, such issues might not seem a big deal, but they can feel overwhelming when you're challenged without a break.

Sleeping with an unfamiliar presence accosting you every time you turn can be difficult at first, something which both you and your partner will need to make allowances for if you're not at your best after a bad night. Nevertheless, there's nothing like waking up in the morning to discover you're still wearing a very physical proof of your devotion, regardless of whether or not your man is by your side. Don't discount how breaking in your chastity belt can be demanding for him too, especially if you're prone to protesting prematurely - having to decide for you may not be easy should you say you want out, yet simultaneously want to be told to stay in. Sharing both your short and longer term goals with your partner will allow him to help you meet them, as will setting objective criteria about what warrants an early unlocking, ideally in advance of you asking. Being a badly behaved brat certainly shouldn't be good enough grounds!

Keeping a “chastity diary” in which you candidly record your thoughts and feelings can help you through those times when you have mixed feelings about your chastity belt, as well as giving you greater insight about what it means to surrender to steel. The challenges of being belted for longer lengths of time aren't just physical, but psychological too - however small, frustrations can prove draining when they're inescapable, especially when the initial thrill of steel has faded. Rather than come to hate the metal, or worse, the man with the keys, look for ways to accommodate any mood swings, perhaps expressing your emotions in a symbolic struggle that sees you rewarded when you finally submit.

Wearing a chastity belt is a commitment in more ways than one, requiring dedication before you'll be able to do so without thinking. Even after you've become used to a particular belt, a new one isn't something you can just pull on like a different pair of panties, such that upgrading from a mass-produced to a custom-made model should be approached similarly - briefly to start with, then a little longer, then a little longer still, albeit hopefully with a much shallower learning curve once you know what to expect. Of course, the flip side is that mastering the metal will feel even more of an achievement, such that you'll be immensely proud when you can finally stay belted for as long as you want. Regardless of what sort of chastity belt you choose to wear, you'll find that you'll come to form a very personal bond with it - your belt being uniquely yours, yet at the same time belonging to whoever holds its keys.

How do I keep my chastity belt clean?

Tell someone that you're wearing a chastity belt, and one of their first questions is likely to be about hygiene. People's interest in peeing, pooping and periods may seem puerile, but the challenges of dealing with bodily functions are a natural consequence of covering your crotch with something you can't remove. Nor can such issues simply be ignored, as much as many of those who fantasise about female chastity like to forget the less sexy aspects of being locked in steel. You don't want to end up smelling like a toilet, and you certainly don't want to risk developing infections as a result of not being able to keep yourself clean!

After saying all that, it may seem strange to suggest that the simplest way to resolve such matters is not even to try. Nevertheless, there's nothing that says you have to stay belted when you go to the bathroom, let alone complicate what can be a challenging time of the month by attempting to remain belted through it! Rather than making things more difficult when you've already got your hands full, consider sidestepping the less convenient demands of your chastity belt - either by scheduling breaks when you're likely to need them, or else asking for the keys as and when required. The latter can be a surprisingly intimate form of submission, even if you merely need to pee, stressing the transfer of power embodied by the steel. Of course, there's plenty of scope for playful games here - perhaps a pinky swear that you won't take advantage of your temporary freedom, or more serious pleading before you're allowed an unplanned release, which you might find yourself taking with the toilet door open or while you're on the phone so you can prove you're not getting up to any mischief!

Urinating through metal can be as challenging psychologically as it is physically, thanks to how we've been trained from an early age not to wet ourselves. Having a full bladder may help if you find it hard to pee with something there, as may running a tap or flushing the toilet. If you really have difficulty relaxing, you might even do so in the shower to start with, closing your eyes to distract yourself from the extra presence. That has the added advantage of cleaning everything afterwards, something which otherwise requires careful attention. The tiny holes that most belts provide for peeing don't just make the flow messier, they also hold liquid, quite apart from that which ends up trapped behind the shields. You might think you're dry, only to stand up and discover you're not, or else suffer a later leak in your panties.

It's better for that not to be urine, which is why some custom-made chastity belts come with a needleless syringe to allow water to be squirted through their grille - easily filled from a tap, even when you're out and about. If you'd prefer something more innocuous, a bottle of water with a “sports” top can be used similarly, merely needing to be squeezed in order to give both yourself and your belt a good rinse. You might also consider using wet wipes, which won't seem out of place in either a handbag or a bathroom cupboard, their superior strength making them much better than toilet paper should you want to work something inside the steel. Best of all is a bidet, but with a little practice, you may be able to use a detachable showerhead as a substitute. Being able to remove the secondary shield will make everything easier, even if you have a rule that says it must be locked back in place before you leave the bathroom.

Despite being made of stainless steel, your chastity belt will need regular cleaning. Forget impractical fiction about women remaining in metal for months, and aim to remove it no less than daily to begin with. That not only provides an opportunity to wash your belt with warm, soapy water, but also to inspect your body for issues - again, something that can be very intimate should you and your partner choose to make a playful ritual of it. Even if you're merely sent away with the steel unlocked, however, you can still take the opportunity to attend to what one manufacturer euphemistically refers to as your “bigger business”, not needing to worry about whether you might make a mess when defecating. Similarly, you can shower without having any difficulty drying yourself, returning to your belt when both you and it are nice and clean. Might you be unlocked once in the morning to empty your bowels, and again in the evening to bathe? It may not match the conventional image of medieval maidens confined for an age, but such a routine can certainly work for a modern woman, allowing you to stay belted almost all the time while avoiding the more awkward aspects of wearing steel.

That's not to say that you can't defecate while still locked in a chastity belt, but even more so than urinating, it's best practised somewhere forgiving to begin with - ideally, with both the key and a shower close to hand. If your belt has chains at the rear, you merely need to ensure they stay out of the way, noting that stool can smear where they connect to the crotch shield. On designs that opt for a continuous strip, the position of the hole will be put to the test - be prepared for even a slight misalignment to result in a mess! With a rear cable, it may be possible to pull it slightly to the side, either by hooking a finger under it, or by using a twisted piece of toilet paper to hold it out of the way. Alternatively, you can simply accept that the wire is going to get soiled, relying on the ease with which it can be cleaned - again, wet wipes are useful here. Either way, the back of your belt will require attention when it's removed - perhaps not the most romantic of tasks for you or your partner, but an inevitable consequence of going to the bathroom while belted.

It's also possible to shower or take a bath if you're willing to work around the steel, although it's likely to take longer and you may not be able to get yourself quite as clean as you would without it. A directable shower jet is a boon here, allowing you to rinse areas that are otherwise difficult to access, albeit likely to bring with it the most frustrating of sensations! As well as pressing the head against the holes in the crotch shield and running it up between your buttocks, try to get water under the waist band as well. The same goes for drying yourself afterwards - it's neither comfortable nor hygienic to stay even slightly damp, however hard your chastity belt may make avoiding that. If you can't get a towel everywhere you need, then a hair dryer on a low heat will help drive out any lingering moisture - pay particular attention to linings and locks, applying oil periodically to the latter to prevent rust. Even a very thorough cleaning is no substitute for doing so with the belt off, however, there being a risk of a slight smell developing should you leave the latter for too long.

As with other everyday activities, adapting how you do things to accommodate your chastity belt is a learning process, best approached in a series of small steps rather than attempted as a single leap. By exploring the limitations of the metal with the keys available, you'll soon learn what you can and can't do while belted, it being easier to try things out when you know you can always be unlocked if needed. Some women find ways of working around almost anything, arranging plans with their partners to make it possible to wear steel even through their periods - admittedly with very frequent breaks for cleaning and changing of protection. Others take their chastity belts off every time they go to the toilet, regarding the inconvenience of staying locked as outweighing the accomplishment. There are no prescribed rules for when you have to wear your chastity belt, save for those that you and your partner decide, but don't be afraid to try pushing your boundaries a little - you might surprise yourself!

How do I balance security and safety?

No chastity belt is undefeatable - as we discussed in an earlier chapter, there are always ways to remove locked metal without using the key. Doing so without destroying things is a very different matter, however, raising the question of just how secure your chastity belt needs to be. Does it really need to withstand a determined attack with tools, or is it sufficient for you to be able to show your partner that you've stayed locked in steel? For most women, it doesn't matter that their chastity belt could be cut off in an emergency, so long as the barrier to doing so is high enough to stop them doing so on a whim. However much you might tug at the lock, you're not going to break something that's expensive to replace simply because you're feeling a bit frustrated, preferring to sit out such emotions rather than resorting to drastic measures.

Conversely, you don't want to have to wait for your partner should you suddenly go down with diarrhoea or experience sharp pain, let alone have to carry around a pair of bolt cutters as a precaution! In a genuine emergency, your chastity belt needs to be able to come off quickly, rather than causing medical staff to delay starting what could be critical treatment. Moreover, you might be one of the many couples who spend significant time away from one another - perhaps because of frequent business trips, or even a long-distance relationship. A chastity belt can bring you closer under such circumstances, providing a tangible reminder of your commitment even when you're far apart, but that doesn't preclude the need for regular cleaning - let alone the desire to have fun together over the phone or online.

A sensible compromise is to carry a spare key yourself, but to render it impossible to use without leaving evidence of having done so. You might, for instance, have your partner seal it in a signed envelope, or even laminate it between two layers of plastic, the latter requiring no more than nail scissors to extract it from. Either way, the key can easily be kept in a purse, presentable on demand to prove that you haven't taken advantage of it. Modern technology allows a picture to be taken at almost any time, permitting your partner to check that you've stayed chaste without even needing to see the belt itself!

If you're going to be removing the belt regularly in your partner's absence, you might consider securing your key with single-use plastic seals. These are uniquely numbered, and although easily cut through, cannot be opened without destroying them, making them ideal as a means of showing that your key hasn't been used. Some custom-made chastity belts feature holes through which such a seal can be threaded, either to secure a spare key inside them, or to prevent the belt being unlocked without the seal being broken as well. Such features aren't essential, however, it being straightforward to secure a key inside a short length of pipe merely by drilling a hole in the latter and threading a seal through both. Again, that can be kept in your purse and photographed on request, as well as checked prior to an approved release - even if your man is thousands of miles away! A new seal, a new number, and you're ready for another stint in steel, there being no way to cheat such a system without him eventually finding out.

Although it's not possible to consider every eventuality, it's worth discussing what might constitute an emergency in advance, as well as the consequences should you disagree after the fact. Aside from the disgrace of letting both yourself and your partner down, knowing that there's a punishment in store should you break a seal without what he deems to be good enough reason will stop you seizing upon any excuse to do so, so long as the punishment in question is in fact a deterrent. If you're prone to temptation, adding a combination lock to the mix may help keep you on the straight and narrow, requiring a phone call to reveal the numbers necessary to open it. When you think in terms of securing the key rather than trying to change the lock on the belt, there are all sorts of possibilities - even small time lock safes that can deny access for a set period of time. Although not excessively expensive, and still capable of being broken into, you wouldn't want to do so except in an emergency, making them an adequately high hurdle until your partner comes home.

How do I keep my chastity belt hidden?

If you're only wearing your chastity belt in private, you may not care how conspicuous it might be - indeed, you may well want to show off the steel! When going out in public, however, it's natural to be worried about what people might see, especially if they're people you know. Wearing a chastity belt to work can be particularly daunting, despite the way in which locked metal is capable of livening up the dullest of jobs - you want your sexy secret to stay secret, thrilling only you and your partner rather than provoking unwanted gossip.

The imposing nature of a chastity belt makes it difficult to ignore, such that it's easy to be self-conscious even when it doesn't warrant the slightest attention. Admittedly, lines can show through clothing, with locks sometimes causing odd lumps, but it's unlikely that anyone actually noticing them will realise what they mean. Unlike a woman locked in steel, people generally don't spend their lives thinking about chastity belts, the idea you might secretly be wearing one simply not crossing their minds. It's extremely unlikely that any mental undressing will feature metal - if, indeed, the people you think are looking in your direction aren't merely staring into space. That's not to say that you can afford to be careless, nor should you go around flaunting your belt, but even a flash of it will probably be written off as a strange pair of panties or perhaps some kind of medical brace - hardly the sort of thing a polite person asks about!

A chastity belt is generally hidden better by modest clothing, encouraging a more traditional femininity that can nevertheless still be highly alluring. Tight skirts and dresses will show lines and lumps in a way that looser garments won't, with stretchy or clinging fabric best eschewed in favour of thicker, heavier material. That doesn't mean that your wardrobe must be dowdy, however, patterns and textures working wonderfully to draw attention away from any suggestion of steel. A prominent leather belt, perhaps with a big buckle, can distract from a bulky lock if worn at the right level, as can ruffles or pleats - experiment with different styles and waistlines to discover what works best for you. Extra layers are always helpful, such that you might consider going old school and add a slip to outfits that can benefit from one, simultaneously making a skirt or dress hang better. At work, a jacket and camisole won't seem out of place, yet will stop anything showing through your blouse. Alternatively, you might wear a dark bodysuit or leotard over your belt - look for one with a snap crotch so as to avoid inconvenience!

Going shopping is a great way to build your confidence if you're not yet ready to wear your chastity belt around people you know, a busy mall being anonymous enough that it doesn't matter if anyone does spot the steel - not that they're likely to. Trying on clothes in a changing room can be surprisingly thrilling, quite apart from letting you see what can be worn with your belt, but metal underwear isn't really that different to the more conventional sort. While you may not want your belt to be seen by all and sundry, you shouldn't feel ashamed to wear what can be a profound symbol of commitment, any more than you might a sexy thong or even period panties - similarly not things you would want to share with your manager or grandmother, but none of their business anyway!

Although going out in a chastity belt the first few times may be nerve-racking, you'll find any initial anxiety quickly fades as your confidence grows. The possibility of anyone seeing, let alone saying anything about your belt will seem increasingly improbable, it really only needing you to keep it reasonably covered to avoid any unwanted attention. Besides, what's the worst that can be said should the truth come out? Regardless of why you choose to wear a chastity belt, you're doing so for good reasons - a far cry from the tired relationships and unsatisfying sex lives of those who don't dare to live their desires!

How do I overcome problems with my chastity belt?

It would be wonderful if you could immediately wear a chastity belt without thinking about it, but as we've seen, it's unrealistic to imagine that you might be left locked in steel straight away. New metal is likely to bring with it minor nuisances, with the inescapable nature of a chastity belt tending to magnify these in the mind. If you don't have the key, you might find yourself wondering how you're going to survive another minute, let alone hours or days of maddening discomfort, sexy fantasies swiftly evaporating when you're faced with what feels like an insurmountable challenge.

If you were one of the medieval maidens of myth, you might have no choice but to ignore such annoyances in the hope that you'll either get used to them or they'll eventually go away - and, indeed, that might be the case when a belt is better broken in. Conversely, as a modern woman under no compulsion to wear anything you don't want, you might think of writing off the steel, abandoning any hopes of it being more than an occasional toy because of small irritations that seem a disproportionately big deal. Fortunately, these aren't your only options - sometimes, a small change can make a huge difference as far as comfort is concerned, such that it's worth getting to the bottom of anything that bothers you sooner rather than later. Moreover, the common features of chastity belts mean there are common ways in which they can be troublesome, with straightforward solutions to be found for most of them.

Especially with a cheap chastity belt, you may need to get a bit creative to make it comfortable, but once again, persistence pays off! If a particular approach doesn't work for you, then look for another, finding your own ways around the challenges of wearing metal underwear for real. Be sure to find time for fun too, rather than getting caught up in the more mundane frustrations of being belted - the locked steel shouldn't just be a source of annoyance! In the next chapter, we'll look at how a chastity belt can add spice to your life, both in and out of the bedroom, considering accessories that can complement it should you wish to surrender still more of your body, and games that will challenge even the most determined partner's resolve not to use the keys!