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Discover how feminine feelings and submissive desires come together with our books specially for sissies:

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Sissies are sure to love our other books, so don't restrict yourself to just this page. We offer all sorts of exciting erotica featuring submission and crossdressing throughout the brassièred website, as well as practical, hands-on guides to help your wife or girlfriend appreciate your desires just as much as you do! Check out the complete range by browsing the lingerie discipline, male chastity and men as maids sections.


Help! I think I'm a sissy!: what to do about wanting to feel girly

Are you a man who dreams of dressing up in women's clothes and showing a more submissive side? If so, you may be a sissy - but what does that mean for you and those you love? That's what this book explores, covering everything you need to know in order to come to terms with being a submissive crossdresser. It's packed with thought provoking questions and illuminating insights that'll give you a deeper understanding of your desires, addressing the emotional, sexual and interpersonal aspects of wanting to feel feminine and submissive.

Examining the psychology behind popular stereotypes such as the sissy maid, slut, baby and bimbo, as well as explaining why fantasies featuring forced feminization, public humiliation and permanent chastity are so powerful, Help! I think I'm a sissy! also addresses the more practical problems sissies face - how to share your secret, stay safe and shop successfully are just some of the topics covered in this essential guide to all things girly.

perfect English, Peaches!: a grammar course for sissy secretaries and other submissive men

perfect English, Peaches! is a grammar course written specifically for the submissive crossdresser. The aim of this textbook for sissies is to give the student a greater understanding of the words he uses, thus helping him to avoid the mistakes that so often mar even the simplest pieces of writing. Employing exaggerated examples that are sure to appeal to any man with a weakness for women's things, the course not only encourages higher standards of language, but also emphasises respect for female authority throughout. The intentionally titillating scenarios do not detract from the text's purpose, however, with the misadventures of a submissive male secretary making the material more memorable.

Intended as a serious course of study, but also ideal for adult role-play, this book challenges the reader to really think about how he writes and speaks. Each of the twenty-five lessons concludes with exercises to check comprehension, as well as suggestions for additional work.

stories about submissive crossdressers

crossdressing creatures: pets who love to play in lingerie

Letting himself be dressed in lingerie is just the start of a man's submission when he becomes his wife's pet, as the husbands in these stories about erotic animal role-play are about to find out! Whether his mistress wants to turn him into a puppy or a pussy, you can be sure she'll make him look pretty, pampering her plaything with satin and lace before having him perform for her pleasure.

Nothing demonstrates a sissy's surrender more keenly than adopting the role of an adorable domestic animal, all dolled up in dainties as he accepts his place at the feet of his owner! From the discipline of dog training to the leisurely life of a collared cat girl, there's no doubt as to who's in charge of these house pet husbands when they're turned into sex kittens and kennel hounds for the amusement of their wives. Feminization and pet play come together to make for exciting stories of sissies who worship the women who own them, kept on a leash and in lingerie as crossdressing creatures.

bimbo, secretary, ballerina, bride: sissy husbands taking on the most feminine of roles

You can be sure that a man's attitude will match his attire when he wears women's clothing for his wife - especially when it's one of the very special outfits featured in these stories about sissy husbands getting girly. Forced to adopt supremely feminine roles as a result of their clothes, these crossdressing men are stripped of every last trace of manliness, developing a submission that their dominant wives are only too keen to take advantage of!

Whether he's working as a secretary for a female boss or walking down the aisle in a big, white bridal gown, dressing the part leaves a submissive husband in no doubt about his place - one that's ordinarily just for girls! From being transformed into a busty bimbo to performing as a pretty ballerina, each of these sissies finds himself learning womanly secrets along the way. Bimbo, secretary, ballerina, bride - whichever their wives choose to dress them up as, these feminized men are sure to fall under the spell of the clothes they wear!

now be a good girl!: submissive men learning a lesson in pleated skirts and panties

It's difficult for a man to be disobedient when he's dressed as a schoolgirl, as the husbands in these stories about erotic discipline soon discover when their wives decide to take charge. You can be sure each will learn his lesson when he has to wear a pleated skirt and panties, but such emasculating attire is only the start of his shame! There's plenty of punishment in store for these feminized men, with enforced chastity adding to deliciously frustrating ordeals.

From sitting the most trying of tests to being taught what it's like to be a girl, each finds himself at the mercy of the strictest of women. Whether he must suffer the humiliation of wearing a training bra beneath his sailor top as he bends over to be spanked, or else endures a blouse bulging with breasts as he entertains his wife's friends, his schoolgirl uniform will leave no doubt about his disgrace. Featuring adult role-play, these sissy schoolgirl stories show how a man must behave when told “now be a good girl!”.

humbled at her hands: demanding women giving sissies a hard time

It's not easy being a sissy - especially when faced with women who delight in making things difficult! The men in these stories about crossdressing and submission find that feminization isn't all fun and games, suffering for the amusement of their female superiors. There's plenty of punishment in store for them, but no chance of relief as they struggle their way through shameful situations, locked in chastity devices that deny them any hope of pleasure.

Whether he's having to work dressed as women, or submitting to secret disgrace, a bra and panties puts a man at the very bottom of the pecking order - a fact that his tormentresses are quick to take advantage of! Unable to assert his manhood, he can only do as he is told, having to obey even when that means further humiliation. In the office or at the doctor's, as a waitress or a girl, these sissies soon learn that women can be wonderfully cruel, their dominant wives and girlfriends happy to see them humbled at her hands.

training him to please: men put through their paces in sports bras and leggings

Sports bras give the girls welcome support when working out, but they also control any man who must wear one - a fact that the women in these stories take full advantage of when they use female fitness gear to get their way. The sight of seductively stretched fabric won't be all that holds a husband helpless when his wife insists he wears the same, with women's leggings and shorts serving to stress his submission as she has him get sweaty in the most shameful of ways.

Whether he's being wrestled to the bed by his wife, performing emasculating exercises for her entertainment, or slaving away in the hot summer sun, a man can't forget who's in charge when he has to wear women's workout clothing - simple, yet impossibly strict as it imposes sharp lines upon his skin. Taunted about being trapped in a tight band and straps even as she teases him with her own barely covered body, a man in a sports bra is weak - exactly the way his wife wants him when she's training him to please.

making him hers: these women want to date submissive men

Some women want a man who'll do what they say, expecting him to demonstrate his devotion if he hopes to become their boyfriend. Others have already decided whom they're going to date, as well as how they want their relationship to develop, slowly but surely deepening his obedience as things become more serious. That sees these women asking their boyfriends to wear panties and bras, with the men needing to agree if they're to prove their commitment!

In these stories about female-led relationships, submissive men acknowledge that their girlfriends are in charge by surrendering to women's underwear - not just once, but more and more often, coming to accept lingerie as an essential part of showing their respect, their submission, and most of all, their love. When an assertive woman expresses her interest in a man, you can be sure that she's going to get what she wants, but her boyfriend will benefit too - no matter how much she keeps him on his toes as she sets about making him hers.

mistress expects makeup: these sissies need to look pretty to please!

What sort of sissy wears make-up? A sissy who must amuse his mistress, perhaps wearing only lingerie as he shows her how eager he is to please! Locked in a chastity device as he applies lipstick, mascara and eye-shadow, he can hardly be thought of as much of a man, even before she has him entertain her friends with yet more shameful submission! Only by trying to make his face look feminine can he hope to escape otherwise endless frustration, but he's more likely to earn women's laughter as he desperately tries to emulate them.

In these stories about sissies wearing make-up, submissive men must accompany their bras and panties with cosmetics, leaving no doubt about their disgrace. Lips, nails and eyes all need emasculating treatment, with the humiliating results being impossible to hide - especially when these men are sent shopping for more! Foundation, eyeliner and female deodorant add to the fun, but a sissy has little choice about what he wears when his mistress expects make-up.

stories about sissy secretaries and submissive male assistants

set to work in a skirt: for these sissy secretaries, a blouse means business!

Skirt and stockings, blouse and bra - how swiftly a man's status changes when he swaps suit and tie for the attire of an assistant! Throw in a strict female boss, and a crossdressing secretary must do more than merely dress up, having to work as a woman as well as wearing her clothes. Whether typing, filing or attending to his employer's more intimate needs, you can be sure a male temp will do exactly as he's told, forced to adopt a subordinate role to his female colleagues thanks to how he's feminized at the office.

The submissive men in these stories about sissy secretaries soon discover that a personal assistant has a lot to worry her pretty little head about, expected to satisfy the stringent demands of their female superiors while simultaneously having to pass as one of the girls. Working for women who mean business when it comes to taking charge, each of these crossdressers has no choice but to step into the shoes of a secretary, finding themselves set to work in a skirt.

men behind the modesty panel: sissy secretaries struggling to work as women

Working as an office assistant is no walk in the park, as the men in these stories about sissy secretaries know full well, having to wear high heels as they run around after their superiors. Their administrative duties are made all the more difficult thanks to how they are dressed, with tight skirts and blouses turning even the simplest of tasks into a struggle. Stuck in stockings and burdened by bras, they must accept a woman's wardrobe along with the most junior of roles, their clothing conspiring to stress their subordinate status.

Whether the women in charge want them to copy documents or collect deliveries, these submissive male secretaries have no choice but to take on the challenge, having to contend with office politics as well as paperwork in order to please their female bosses. A punishing workload puts them in plenty of predicaments, but no matter how frustrating they find working in feminine attire, it's just another day at the office for men behind the modesty panel.

belted for business: corporate subordinates kept chaste by strict female bosses

Imagine having to wear a chastity belt that can only be unlocked by your boss! That's what's expected of the men in these stories about office submission, but their female superiors insist on them surrendering to more than just steel. As if it wasn't emasculating enough having to work while kept sexually denied, the women in charge want their subordinates to show their devotion by wearing stockings, panties and bras - sometimes in secret, but sometimes more openly!

A shirt and tie does nothing to stop the outline of cups and straps showing for all to see, but even when these corporate sissies are permitted a jacket to hide their shame, they can't forget how they're feminized for the amusement of those in authority. Yet each appreciates the control that their female managers impose, wanting nothing more than to please the queen bee by wearing women's underwear to work. In these female-led office fantasies, full-time lingerie is just another consequence of being belted for business.

office obedience: when women are in charge, men do as they are told!

When those at the top of a company are commanding women, it's only natural that those at the very bottom should be men, in so far as any man who has to work as a feminized secretary can still be considered such. The busy businesswomen in these stories about female-led offices have far more important things to do than deal with the mundanities of the workplace, but their demands on their male subordinates don't stop at merely expecting copying, typing and filing!

All love to make the duties of their underlings as difficult and demeaning as possible, employing punishment and humiliation to prevent the men who work for them from ever forgetting their place. There can be no doubt who's in charge when a man has to wear a bra beneath his blouse to please his boss, but that's only the start of what these submissive male secretaries must suffer for the amusement of their female superiors. Each will have to accept embarrassment and emasculation in order to demonstrate his office obedience.

vintage texts

bygone secretaries: a vintage course for office assistants

What does it mean to be a secretary? Even today, the responsibilities of a personal assistant are serious business, with seemingly simple tasks such as filing being more complicated than some men might think! In the past, such work was even more demanding, but there was nothing shameful about a man adopting what has come to be seen as a stereotypically female role. Moreover, the same traits needed to be a successful secretary are ones that many would benefit from cultivating - the ability to remain composed under pressure, a scrupulous attention to detail, and most importantly, a selfless desire to satisfy one's superiors.

bygone secretaries presents a genuine secretarial course from the previous century, with the intention of giving anyone who studies it a greater respect for the office administrators of today. It is an ideal accompaniment to secretarial role-play, but also offers a profitable way to keep a submissive man busy, as well as providing fascinating insights into the past.

interactive tools

sissy typing test: keyboard practice and line writing punishment

In the book set to work in a skirt, one of the sissy secretaries is expected to take a taxing typing test, with his keyboard proficiency determining whether he deserves an orgasm. Sitting down to type in his skirt and blouse, he knows that it's not just the chance of a climax that's at stake - a stern punishment is on the cards should he fail to satisfy his wife's stringent demands. To avoid a shameful spanking, this male secretary must type quickly yet accurately, with the computer keeping score even as it challenges him with the most emasculating of phrases.

Our sissy typing test allows your errant employee to be set to work in a similar way, presenting a series of slogans that are sure to encourage a suitably submissive state of mind. Taking account of both speed and errors, it's perfect as a line writing punishment, providing proof of performance that may be used to determine whether further discipline is called for or simply serve as a deterrent in its own right.

sissy mathematics test: sums that will make a submissive man sweat

Imagine sitting at an uncomfortable desk, staring blanking at the first of many sheets of impossibly tough sums. The swish of a cane speaks of the consequences of inadequate arithmetic ability, with only a blunt pencil offering any hope of avoiding an almost inevitable punishment as the clock ticks down. The most macho of men might shudder at a scenario that could come straight from a nightmare, one which becomes all the more emasculating when the reluctant examinee finds himself wearing a pleated skirt and panties.

Such a provocative predicament is presented as an exciting story in the book now be a good girl!, but our sissy mathematics test provides all the material you need to make a submissive man sit such a test for real. With the choice of being taken online against the clock, or printed out for use as part of a role-play, it's perfect as both a prelude to further punishment and a punishment in itself. The options are as endless as the questions themselves - the only real one being how well your sissy will fare!

sissy English test: words that will make a submissive man weak

If your not paying appropriate attention, its easy to overlook grammatical errors - there are two in this first sentence alone! That doesn't make such elementary mistakes any more excusable, however, with incorrect use of words requiring the necessary correction! A sissy sitting an examination certainly can't afford to slip up if he wants to be spared a punishment, but when the clock's counting down, he'll have a tough task on his hands to get everything right - especially when distracted with thoughts of panties and brassières!

Our sissy English test provides an opportunity to put a submissive man through his paces, presenting a seemingly endless series of sentences to sort out - whether in a web browser, with subsequent marking, or printable for even more realistic role-play. There's also an essay writing mode, in which a misbehaving sissy can be challenged to write about a choice of emasculating subjects, requiring only a few moments of your time to keep him occupied for hours.

sissy patience test: pick and match lingerie to please your boss

Even the simplest of tasks can become surprisingly challenging when a sissy has to do it over and over again, especially when a single mistake might mean all the difference between pleasure and punishment. You wouldn't think that a man could confuse a pair of panties with a bra or a garter belt, but ask him enough times, and he's sure to slip up sooner or later! That's before you demand he notices the details of such womanly garments, let alone commit their feminine features to memory, all the while distracted by suggestions of how weak women's underwear makes him. How long will he be able to focus?

Our sissy patience test provides the perfect way to occupy a submissive man, requiring his complete concentration if he's to stand any chance of passing it. As well as a choice of three ways in which to challenge a sissy, it also features a game which can be played even by those without a mistress, demanding them to demonstrate perseverance and preciseness to progress the story.

sissy colouring and wallpaper maker: pretty things to print out or put on your screen

Colouring can be very relaxing, requiring an attention to detail that allows even adults to forget their everyday stresses for a while. What could be better to help a sissy unwind than a page of pretty panties and bras, or perhaps a sheet of maids, all ready to serve in their dresses and aprons? Even when he's focusing on filling in countless whorls of frilly lace, he'll be aware of the femininity of such garments, adding to the power of anything he wears himself.

Our sissy colouring and wallpaper maker allows you to print as many pages of adult colouring as you like. Alternatively, you can use it to create a background for a computer, tablet or phone - a perfect way to remind a submissive man of his place every time he looks at it. All the images are packed with little details, and each is guaranteed to be unique, but it only takes a couple of clicks to make one - no matter how long it might take your sissy to colour it in!