sissy mathematics test

sums that will make a submissive man sweat

Imagine sitting at an uncomfortable desk, staring blanking at the first of many sheets of impossibly tough sums. The swish of a cane speaks of the consequences of inadequate arithmetic ability, with only a blunt pencil offering any hope of avoiding an almost inevitable punishment as the clock ticks down. The most macho of men might shudder at a scenario that could come straight from a nightmare, one which becomes all the more emasculating when the reluctant examinee finds himself wearing a pleated skirt and panties.

Such a provocative predicament is presented as an exciting story in the book now be a good girl!, but our sissy mathematics test provides all the material you need to make a submissive man sit such a test for real. With the choice of being taken online against the clock, or printed out for use as part of a roleplay, it's perfect as both a prelude to further punishment and a punishment in itself. The options are as endless as the questions themselves - the only real one being how well your sissy will fare!

Even simple addition and multiplication becomes surprisingly challenging when only a few seconds are allowed per question, with a quick-fire test all too capable of tripping up the overconfident - especially when nothing short of perfection is expected. Alternatively, you can choose more complicated questions, each and every one requiring significant effort to answer correctly. A longer, more laborious test is likely to see even the most able sweat as time runs out, but despite the ease with which a sissy might succumb to despair, neither calculator nor advanced knowledge of mathematics is required for successful completion.

The sissy mathematics test features themes of lingerie discipline, male chastity and men as maids. It should go without saying that, like everything else at brassièred, it is intended for adults only.