At brassièred, we offer helpful how-to guides on topics ranging from erotic feminization and lingerie discipline to male chastity and men as maids, as well as exciting erotica that sets a good example. Whether you're looking for tried and tested advice on how to transform your own relationship or searching for sexy stories that are plausible as they are passionate, you're sure to find something in our catalogue for you!

which format should I buy?

Life was so much easier when books were just books - you couldn't go wrong picking up a paperback! Now there are countless different ways of reading books electronically - whether on your computer or with one of the latest devices. With acronymns like PDF and EPUB, trying to find something good to read can feel more like eating alphabet spaghetti than browsing the familiar shelves of a bookshop. Fortunately, things are far simpler than the jargon might suggest.

Our books are available in the following formats from

Some of our older books are also available from Amazon:

If you're wondering why our newer books aren't available from Amazon or other stores, I explain my reasons in battling behemoths.

There are no Digital Rights Management or other restrictions on any of the books bought directly through Lulu, making them compatible with the widest possible range of devices. That means you can read them on any computer or e-reader of yours that can open such files, or even share them with a loved one if you so desire. All we ask is that you respect the authors' copyright and treat the digital editions as you might a real book - lending is fine, copying is not. By buying copies of the books, you help support the brassièred website, which strives to promote lingerie discipline, male chastity and men as maids in loving female led relationships.

For your convenience, you can find links to all of our books in every available format in the catalogue above.

If you're still unsure which format to buy, or have any problems, please contact me and I'll advise (possibly after consulting my technical wizard!).

how do I download an electronic book?

When you buy a PDF or an EPUB through Lulu, you'll receive an email containing a link with which you can download your purchase at any time. Alternatively, follow these instructions:

Note that Lulu refers to both PDFs and EPUBs as "ebooks", distinguishing them from physical books.

how do I read an EPUB file on my Kindle?

All our books are available as EPUB files, the industry standard for electronic books. To read an EPUB file on a Kindle, follow these easy steps:

You can also use the excellent free Calibre software to convert an EPUB file into a format your Kindle will understand, as well manage your e-book collection and do all manner of other wonderful things. Search the Internet for “calibre convert epub to mobi” for more detailed instructions.