consequence chooser

make him pick his punishment

Should a disobedient sissy be allowed to decide how he is disciplined? You might think not, but having to choose can be worse than having no choice at all - especially when a submissive man can't see what he's condemning himself to! Perhaps he's hoping to avoid his least favourite punishment, or perhaps his chance of a reward rests on him making the right choice. How awful it would be for him to choose wrongly, knowing how different things could have been, if only he had picked another option! Once he's made his decision, it'll be too late to change his mind, nor can he complain when he has only himself to blame!

Our consequence chooser allows you to put your submissive in just such a predicament, requiring him to decide his fate in the most devilish of ways! You can customise the choices it offers, or even stack the odds against him if you're feeling unfair. Regardless of whether you make the decision beforehand or leave it to him, he's sure to find choosing surprisingly challenging!

There are several sets of options that you can select, but it's easy to create your own - simply list each possible choice on a separate line. All will be presented when it's time to choose, then hidden and shuffled for as long as you want to make your submissive wait. No matter how closely he might follow his preferred option, it'll be impossible for him to keep track of which is which, but if you set the shuffling time to zero, then he won't be shown the options at all - at least, not until after he's made his decision by clicking one!

If you'd prefer things weren't entirely fair, you can bias the choice towards particular options by starting them with a number followed by a lowercase letter "x". For example, in the list of "rewards", "not this time" is a hundred times more likely to be picked than "my hand", whereas "my mouth" can never be chosen, even though all three will appear equally likely on screen. As well as presenting the options immediately, you can also create a link for later use, or else to send to someone at a distance. After choosing, a second link is provided to confirm the result, with the possibility of choosing again prevented if you select the relevant option in advance.

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