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At brassièred, we believe that men benefit from expressing their feminine and submissive sides - as do their wives and girlfriends! That's why we offer practical, no nonsense advice and erotica with a difference, all aimed at promoting the positive aspects of submission in the context of healthy, caring relationships. There's nothing hateful or horrible here, only helpful how-to guides on how to transform your love life with lace and locks, as well as sexy stories that are as plausible as they are passionate. On this website, you'll find fiction and non-fiction about the following subjects:

Whether it be exciting erotica to tickle your fancy or practical handbooks packed with all the tips and tricks you need, everything at brassièred is written with loving relationships in mind, bringing you the benefits of submission without ever losing touch with reality. As well as being a sexy read, our stories set a good example, whereas our guides give tried and tested advice that's sure to strengthen the special bond between you and your love.

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textbooks for sissies

Sissies shouldn't embarrass themselves with shameful mistakes! Our grammar textbook explains everything a submissive man needs to know about using English correctly, showing how to avoid disgraceful errors in a manner that's excitingly emasculating! Alternatively, why not have him wrap his tongue around the wonderful language that is French? As well as being a superb addition to adult role-play, these books are ideal for any sissy wanting to improve their skills. You don't need a mistress to benefit from them, but you could well impress a female superior by working your way through these comprehensive courses of study!

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train him to be a secretary or a maid - the old-fashioned way!

Secretaries do much more than merely type, as anyone who has ever worked as a personal assistant will tell you. bygone secretaries allows you to give your sissy a deeper understanding of what this subordinate role requires, by means of a genuine secretarial course from the previous century. The lessons not only cover a wealth of subjects, but include exercises that are sure to keep him occupied for hours!

If you'd rather he learned what it was like to be a maid, don't forget our vintage manuals: