chastity dice

let chance decide whether it's time

In the book one-sided games, men must beat the odds to enjoy an orgasm, their chances of a climax far less than the likelihood of them staying frustrated! Although there aren't any dice in the stories of feminization and denial, the picture is still a provocative one, such that when our artist proposed such a motif for the cover, I couldn't help but wonder whether it could be made real.

With the help of our technical wizard, I'm pleased to present the brassièred chastity dice, allowing you to leave it to luck whether your man stays locked. Will he roll the keys that he needs, or will he suffer at the hands of Lady Fortune? As well as adding forfeits to the mix, you can skew the odds in your favour, these configurable dice letting you choose whether to play fairly or condemn him to an already decided fate. Watching the possibilities can be maddening in itself, there being no way for a man to know whether his hopes will be thwarted until the dice he's depending on finally stop.

You can choose a set of ready-made dice "off the shelf", or make your own with a range of faces, setting weights if you don't want them to be fair. As well as rolling the dice straight away, you can also create a link for later use, or else to send to someone at a distance. After rolling, a second link is provided to confirm the result, with the possibility of repeated rolling prevented if you select the relevant option in advance.

You can use these dice to:

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Configure the dice

First, choose which dice to roll:

make your own
off the shelf
Use dice. Click on faces to change them. Larger numbers are more likely.

Then, choose how they roll:

keep the dice rolling for seconds before revealing result
roll a different result every

When you're ready: