Many women find that, as time goes by, their husband isn't quite the man they thought they had married. Slowly, subtly and yet inexorable, the man of their dreams seems to disappear, gradually replaced by someone far more mundane. No longer does his world revolve around her like it once did, as he becomes more and more accustomed to taking his wife for granted. Bad habits start to become ingrained, and the sparkle the relationship once had seems like a dim and distant memory, lost in the past along with that perfect man. He may even be unfaithful to her, whilst she finds herself at her wits' end, wondering where things went wrong and, more importantly, how things could ever be made right again with a husband she still loves dearly. If this sounds all too familiar, you are sadly far from being alone - an increasing number of marriages are failing these days, and many more are in dire need of repair!

Imagine if there was a way to restore your husband, boyfriend or partner1 to the man you once knew and more, the perfect, caring, thoughtful man that a woman such as yourself deserves. Imagine if by doing so, you could put a stop to his bad habits, smooth his rough edges and guarantee he was faithful at the same time. Imagine if all it took was a subtle addition to his wardrobe, having him wear something extra that no-one else would notice, an intimate change that only the two of you need ever know about. Wouldn't you consider it? Wouldn't you at least keep an open mind?

A growing number of women around the world have discovered that there is such a way! It is known as brassière discipline, and this guide will explain how you too can enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

[1] Throughout this guide, we will refer to wives and husbands, but this is simply out of a desire for consistency. Brassière discipline may be practised in any loving relationship between a woman and man, whether they be wife and husband, girlfriend and boyfriend, or simply partners, regardless of how long they have been together. All that is needed is the desire and determination to get what you deserve!

Why am I reading this?

If you have received a copy of this guide unexpectedly, perhaps even anonymously, you may be wondering why you should read any further - you might even be inclined to discard it as merely a bizarre practical joke. But why would anyone go to the trouble of sending you such an unusual book, when there are so many more entertaining things they could be doing with their time and money? As you will find out later in this guide, the chances are that they have sent it in good faith, genuinely believing that you and your husband can truly benefit from what brassière discipline has to offer, just as they have. Even the closest of friends may find it difficult to raise such an intimate subject in person, so why not give your mystery benefactor the benefit of the doubt and continue reading?