sissy temping test

office assignments to occupy submissive secretaries

Important executives needn't concern themselves with mundane administrative matters, merely needing to delegate any office drudgery to an assistant whose role it is to deal with such paperwork. In an uncaring company, a temp might spend long hours desperately trying to satisfy unreasonable demands, with a shameful reprimand never more than a single mistake away - a predicament that makes for an exciting fantasy, however unpleasant it might be for real.

Our sissy temping test allows a submissive to get a feel for the plight of a beleaguered assistant, providing a range of tasks that are wickedly tedious and time-consuming. Whether looking up telephone numbers, processing invoices or taking dictation, each requires absolute accuracy, giving you all the grounds you need to discipline an underachieving secretary! Would-be assistants can also test their suitability for administrative work with a game that will need them to prove their skills to progress - ideal for those without a boss!

The "story mode" presents fifteen rounds of mixed challenges, putting the player in the position of a submissive temp who needs to impress if they're to stand any chance of being awarded permanent employment. After a meeting with Human Resources, a series of executives make ever-increasing demands, which must be completed perfectly in order to avoid a provocative office-themed punishment. If you fantasise about working for a preposterously cruel boss, you'll find plenty to motivate you, as mind-numbing and monotonous as the work might be! It's not only suitable for sissy secretaries who long to report to a strict female superior, but also submissive women who dream of being dominated by an oppressive male manager - simply choose which you are before you start.

Alternatively, you can opt for one of the following tasks: