first steps as a secretary

for these submissive men, a blouse and bra is only the start

How does a man start working as a secretary? It might be no more than an accident that sets him on the path towards becoming a feminized assistant, or perhaps the natural progression of a bedroom game, but maybe his wife or girlfriend has decided that she wants him submissively employed! Once he's wearing a bra and blouse, he'll find himself falling naturally into the role, it being impossible for a man to pretend that he's charge when he's dressed as a female office worker. Regardless of whether his responsibilities are limited to typing or require him to provide rather more personal services to his superior, you can be sure that the experience will prove excitingly emasculating!

In these erotic stories about sissies becoming secretaries, submissive men must seriously consider a career in skirts, but that doesn't mean they won't have a thrillingly sexy time along the way! Special training, applications and interviews add to the fun as each takes his first steps as a secretary.

Games of secretaries and bosses can be great fun, especially when traditional roles are reversed, but when a man plays the part of a woman's assistant, he can't be sure that their make-believe won't become more serious! In these sissy secretary stories, there's no doubt that the wives and girlfriends are in charge, with the only question being how far they'll want their husbands and boyfriends to go. It might start with only wearing a bra, or perhaps some playful typing, but each of these submissive men will end up doing much more than that by the time he's taken his first steps as a secretary.

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